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Children and young people who have had adverse childhood experiences store these trauma memories in their bodies. These memories can be triggered and be re-experienced as unnarrated emotional clouds of sensation. Children and young people can display many complex behaviours as they attempt to dampen these uncomfortable and agitating sensations. They can then be labelled, to quote Fiennes “mad, bad and dangerous to know” (2007). Connect B4 Correct understand that most adverse childhood experiences take place in close family relationships. Meaning the trauma is relational. New foster or adopted caring families, as loving as these families maybe, the relationship can be a trauma trigger.   Paradoxically it is within these loving families that these children and young people can also heal. Supporting these families to Connect beyond the hurt behaviours and withstand and make sense of the meaning is key before any ‘Correcting’ can be helpful and that is the underlying ethos of Connect B4 Correct.   
Fiennes, R., (2007), Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know – The Autobiography. Simon & Schuster.


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