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Adverse childhood experiences are stored in the old part of the brain, the reptilian brain. This part of the brain has no verbal language, instead operating in the language of sensations, how things are smelt, tasted, visualised, felt and heard – these memories do not have verbal language associated with them. This kind of trauma cannot be ‘talked out’ or reassured. There is an expectation that a child or young person removed and placed in a safe and loving home will recover and the trauma will disappear. Connect B4 Correct work on the understanding that the old brain, however, keeps the trauma alive, triggering the original fear and terror at any moment. Stuck in their reptilian brain these children and young people exhaust their new foster and adoptive parents, and snowball into repeated disruptions and breakdowns and further rejection, loss, and trauma.  Connect B4 Correct treat the reptilian brain through trauma informed interventions, such as sensory work, repetitive and rhythmic body work, attachment-based interventions and EMDR. In the context of mindful, attuned, and reflective therapeutically trained foster and/or adoptive parents, these children and young people can be healed.


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