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Case Study: CB4C clinical partnership with evolve Therapeutic Fostering

Read a recent case study from working in partnership with evolve therapeutic fostering services

JM is a six-year-old female from mixed race heritage, who, along with her brother were under the care of a Local Authority. JM had been removed from her parents (June 2020) due to chronic domestic violence and physical and emotional abuse. JM had been under social care as an unborn and there had been intermittent social care and police involvement throughout the time she lived with her parents.

JM and her brother had spent time in a refuge with her mother and there are reports of different men in relationship with mother and that mother’s relationship with JM’s father had been on and off.

June 2020 - Prior to the referral to evolve, JM and her brother had been removed from her parents under Police Protection (Section 46) and placed in a foster E-bed. JM and her brother were then placed in a foster home – concerns raised about JM urinating on the floor and her aggressive behaviour.

Dec 2021 - JM was separated from her brother due to the foster parent not being able to manage JM’s behaviour and the behaviour between JM and her brother. JM was reported to be aggressive and violent and disruptive at school and not able to share or pay attention at school.

Jan 2021 – March 2022 - JM had six different foster homes that all broke down due to JM’s demanding, violent and aggressive behaviour towards the foster parents.

March 2022 - Referral to evolve Therapeutic Fostering: JM was extremely demanding of foster parents’ attention; she would become aggressive towards the foster parent. She was not in school.

31st March 2022 - (seventh foster home) - JM moved into to live with evolve foster parents.

“evolve is honest, open and transparent in their approach and practice”

Connect B4 Correct Clinical Partnership commissioned to have therapeutic input prior to JM moving in with the evolve therapeutic fostering foster family.
  • Foster parents training: 1 Day Introduction to Developmental Trauma and The PACE model
  • Introduction to the BAPSI (Behaviour and Parent Stress Indicator)
  • Connect B4 Correct input following JM moving in with the evolve foster family
  • Comprehensive Mental Health and Trauma and Attachment Assessment (3 months)
  • 3 months of weekly face to face informed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) with JM and foster parents working on attachment and safety. Now moved to fortnightly face to face
  • Fortnightly reflective trauma informed sessions with foster parents online working with PACE model
  • Weekly Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – initially face to face but moved to online
  • BAPSI bite size trainings for foster parents linked to BAPSI indicator re foster parent stress levels, included: screaming; sleep and aggression
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Ongoing Network meetings
Connect B4 Correct Clinical Partnership ongoing involvement, commissioned by evolve Therapeutic Fostering:

Foster parents attended 14 weeks, two and half hours, online training programme on the brain, the impact of developmental trauma on attachment and the PACE model.

  • Ongoing fortnightly face to face informed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy informed with JM and foster parents
  • Fortnightly reflective trauma informed sessions with foster parent online
  • Once JM is in school Connect B4 Correct Clinical Partnerships will provide a trauma profile and training on development trauma and managing a child in school if required
  • CB4C will review ADHD after JM has been in school for 6 months plus
  • CB4C will consider if JM requires a cognitive assessment
  • Ongoing 4 – 6 weekly network meetings with evolve and local authority
Where JM is now:
  • Currently not showing any signs of aggression or violence, has developed a positive attachment relationship with both foster parents, and has developed positive relationships with the other young people in the home
  • Can talk about feelings, to manage her emotional dysregulation with a number of techniques learnt in therapy
  • Has shown has felt safe enough in therapy to make several significant disclosures in therapy
  • Was also successful at attending a week Stagecoach summer programme and now attends every Saturday and is delighted to partake
  • Is in the process of transitioning to School
  • Has developed positive relationships with the other young people in the home and has recently accepted another young person into the home
Although this is a real case study, we have changed names and some details to protect identities.

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