Complaints Policy

Informal complaints process

You could talk to someone at Connect B4 Correct to see if they can help, and you can explain:

  • What has happened,
  • why you are not happy, and
  • what you would like to happen next.

Most complaints can be solved in this manner. If you would like to go on to make a formal complaint, please read on.

Formal complaints process

You can make your complaint to a member of staff:

  • in person,
  • by phone, or
  • in writing by email or letter, for example.

You can complain to the Strategic Lead. Any member of staff should be able to take your complaint or pass you to the person who deals with them.

Make sure you clearly say you’re making a complaint. If you don’t use the word ‘complaint’ Connect B4 Correct might not treat it as one and follow their complaints procedure.

You can explain:

  • What has happened
  • why you are not happy, and
  • what you would like to happen next.

Explain these things clearly, but as briefly as possible.

If you complain by phone or face-to-face the staff member you speak to should make a written record and give you a copy. We suggest you make a note of:

  • the first and last name of who you spoke to,
  • what you talked about and what was agreed, and
  • the date and time of the conversation.

If you complain in writing, make sure that you keep a copy for your records. If you complain by letter, you can send it by recorded delivery so that you can prove that you sent it.

Is there a time limit to complain?

You usually must make your complaint to Connect B4 Correct within 12 months. The 12 months will begin:

  • from the date your problem started, or
  • when you found out about the problem.

The sooner you make the complaint the easier it will be for Connect B4 Correct to investigate it. But if you can't do this, you can sometimes complain after 12 months have passed.

Connect B4 Correct might accept a late complaint if:

  • it is still possible to investigate your complaint fairly, and
  • you have good reasons for it being late.

The complaints manager will decide if they will accept a late complaint. Being very unwell could be a good reason for it being late.

How will Connect B4 Correct deal with my complaint?

Connect B4 Correct has 3 working days to let you know that they have received your complaint. They should do this by phone, face-to-face or in writing.

Connect B4 Correct should:

  • look into your complaint as quickly as possible. This is called an 'investigation,'
  • keep you up to date during the investigation,
  • let you know the result of your complaint in writing, and
  • explain your right to take your complaint further to the ombudsman service.

How will Connect B4 Correct investigate my complaint?

A designated complaints manager will deal with your complaint. If you have made a complaint about a certain person, that person shouldn’t deal with your complaint.

There is no set process for how professionals should investigate your complaint.

An investigation might involve:

  • visiting the service provider,
  • looking at records,
  • interviewing staff members, or
  • getting specialist advice.

How long will I have to wait for a response?

There are no time limits. Connect B4 Correct will investigate your complaint speedily and efficiently.

If the investigation takes more than 6 months, Connect B4 Correct must:

  • write to you and tell you why it is taking a long time, and
  • let you know the result of your investigation as soon as possible.

Connect B4 Correct agree that you should:

  • expect to be treated fairly, politely and with respect,
  • be reassured that your care and treatment won’t be affected as a result of making a complaint,
  • be offered the opportunity to discuss the complaint with a complaint’s manager, and
  • expect appropriate action to be taken following your complaint.
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