Reflective Supervision to embed the therapeutic parenting knowledge

Reflective supervision groups are a type of professional development activity that aims to enhance the quality of service delivery in various fields, including healthcare, education, social work, and mental health. These groups are facilitated by a skilled and trained qualified psychological professional supervisor or consultant, who will provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to reflect on their work experiences, explore their feelings, and gain new insights.

In reflective supervision groups, participants share their experiences of parenting children and young people who are suffering from attachment difficulties and development trauma. The opportunity is provided to discuss how these experiences have impacted on their professional and personal lives. The group members then reflect on these experiences, exploring their thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Through this reflective process, group members gain a deeper understanding of themselves, the children and young people they are living with, and they develop new insights and therapeutic parenting strategies for working effectively.

Reflective supervision groups can be an effective way to support professional growth and development, improve job satisfaction, and enhance the quality-of-service delivery. They can also help participants to develop a more compassionate and empathetic approach to their work, which can lead to better outcomes for children and young people and avoid compassion fatigue, which is a major cause of foster and adoptive homes breakdown.


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